Sunday, 18 August 2013

Fluffy Pancake for Sunday Breakfast ~ Easy Breakfast Recipe

Sundays (rather weekends) are the days both of us  invariably wake up really late. So, we need to make something fast to curb our hunger pangs after we have refreshed ourselves. But, we don't want to have usual stuff we have every working day. We came out with the idea of making fluffy pancakes after having them at American Diner at IHC one work day morning. 
We searched through many recipes on google and youtube, before settling for what looked to us as the most simple & basic fluffy pancake recipe. So, one fine Sunday morning we tried this fluffy pancake recipe and it turned out awesome. Fluffy Pancake with melted butter & honey syrup, it was yummm....and our Sunday made!!!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Serradurra (Sawdust Dessert) ~ Easy dessert from Goa

I am always on the look out for easy desserts - Easy to make but awesomely delicious in taste (and I do have got quite a few in my kitty). So, when I saw the 'Star Recipe' of the BBC GoodFood India Magazine's August Issue, I knew this was another 'easy recipe' which was going to be added to my list. 

Serradurra (Sawdust Dessert) requires only 3 ingredients and requires no baking; how easier it could get!! I made it this weekend and it turned out to be divinely decadent & delicious. Thumbs up to BBC GoodFood India people!! 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Tea and a potful of Memories

There is something to be said about thoughtful gifts (am not talking about fancy or expensive ones). Only someone who observes a lot about you or really has taken the effort to know you, will gift you a 'thoughtful' gift. One of the most thoughtful (and not to say pretty) gifts I have ever got is a cute tea pot & cup set from one of my favorite food bloggers & friend Ruchira Hoon. She is a journalist, a great cook & baker, recipe developer and most important of all, one of the most straight forward, bindass & humorous women I have come across. I have known her for only a year and it feels like I have known her forever.  
She gifted me this cute tea pot & cup set on my birthday; my first feeling was "how thoughtful ?". I love tea & it is may daily addiction, ritual & indulgence combined together. And she observed that and gifted me something which I would be able to enjoy daily. Every morning, when I brew my first cup of tea in this lovely pot, she is part of my good vibes too.