Saturday, 14 December 2013

Cooking with Philips Airfryer ~ Healthy way to eat comfort food!!

I have been from the blog for some time now....but that doesn't mean i have been missing from cooking and eating good food!! On the contrary, i have been having whale of a time cooking, trying out new recipes and eating out. It's just that I haven't written about it.
One of the exciting things I have been doing in the kitchen is cooking with Philips Airfryer. It's a wonderful device which air fries (i.e. fries with hot air) without the use of oil. I just did not believe it could work , until a saw a demo a year back. I loved the taste of french fries that was served in the demo and thought it's a damn good appliance to have. Fnally, when I got my Philips airfyer, I went completely crazy, trying a plethora of frozen foods - french friens, potato nuggets, burger patties , chicken nuggets,etc.